The impact of current changes, particularly digitalization, is becoming increasingly noticeable at business model and earnings level.
Changes in customer behavior, the rapid pace of technological change, increasing regulation, political uncertainty, new competitors and, last but not least, the impact of the pandemic are just a few examples of how previously successful strategies and business models are increasingly being called into question in the medium term.

blended experience has the necessary skills, expertise and experience to use the necessary levers in a targeted manner to create sustainably successful strategies on which to build business models that secure long-term earnings.

The solid research base of the Swiss Institute of Financial Education (SIF) is a key success factor, as are the many years of industry experience in various roles with a high level of management and responsibility, the proven portfolio of successful transformation projects and the international partner network.

Contact us today to jointly define solutions for strategies and business models that exploit the opportunities presented by the current challenges and secure long-term earnings.