About us

We are the leading consulting boutique for issues relating to strategy and business models in the age of the network economy.
Our many years of experience, combined with our research collaboration with the Swiss Institute of Financial Education, mean that our activities lead to tailor-made solutions with high added value, targeted short-term impact and high long-term potential for success.

Who are we?

Alexander Wirth, CEO

Alexander Wirth

Alexander Wirth has been working successfully in various roles in the finance and insurance industry for more than 20 years. In recent years, he has supported various finance companies, particularly in digitalization issues, analyzed their impact on the industry and developed and successfully implemented suitable solutions at strategic, organizational, business model and system level.

He has proven experience in modern strategy work as well as in the development and market placement of platform and ecosystem business models.

Alexander Wirth also works at the Swiss Institute of Financial Education as Head of Next Gen Finance and lectures on the topics of digital financial ecosystems, future banking, bank management and leadership and digital insurance, focusing on strategy and business models.